Natural Language Processing: A branch of AI that interacts between computers & human language

Isn’t it wonderful when we humans have meaningful conversations with our friends? But what if we are alone and we expect the computer to understand us too? Sounds funny but is technically a very smart question, and this is where Natural Language Processing (NLP) comes to work.

Natural Language Processing creates a thread of understanding between humans and computers by using natural language. It performs certain activities like processing and analyzing human language to make sure that the computer can understand the context behind the words and phrases referred to by us.

NLP comes under the sector of AI and works for sub-sectors such as text classification, sentiment analysis, machine translation, chatbots, and speech recognition.

For instance, whenever we try to convince our friends to help us we use various emotional techniques, the same goes with NLP. It uses various techniques to build a structure that helps the computer to understand the data and make predictions about the language.

Let’s learn a few techniques about this branch of AI that interacts between computers & human language.

1. Tokenization- A technique where the text is separated individually into words, phrases, or symbols. This step is really important as it helps the computer to understand the structure of the encrypted text.

2. Part-of-speech (POS) Tagging- This technique involves the process of labeling each word in a text with its corresponding part of speech, such as a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb. The importance of this step is to understand the actual meaning of every sentence individually.

3. Named Entity Recognition (NER)- After labeling, another process can be done for the work of categorizing the existing entities mentioned in the text which includes people, organizations, or locations. 

4. Sentiment Analysis- As its name this technique helps the computer to analyze and understand the sentiments or emotions of the text encoded by humans.

5. Machine Translation- This technique is used for translating one language to another. It is generally used for international business. 


NLP is a great tool for interacting with computers like our friends. It can be applied in a wide range of industries such as healthcare, education, finance, marketing, and customer service. NLP also involves working with large datasets of text, such as online content, books, and social media posts, to extract insights and patterns with the help of machine learning algorithms to form a structure that can learn from data and improve their accuracy over time.

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